Modern botanicals

May 22, 2015

Tropical finds
Just for fun, I’m sharing three fabulous modern botanicals that I came across this week….

Loving these striking Tropical paradise leggings by Nikkistrange
So many beautiful urban botanical prints over at My Deer Art Shop
This table setting by Studio DIY is such fun, most on trend balloons ever!

Urban Botanic collection - My Deer Art Shop
Tropical Dinner Party

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House Doctor – Everyday style

May 21, 2015

House Doctor
I first wrote about House Doctor back in 2011 and today this brand is still one of my favourites. I love their simple, clean aesthetic with that retro Scandi feel. Apart from their beautiful products, I always look forward to seeing their catalogues which are full of inspiration and fabulous styling. Locally you can find a few of their smaller pieces at Pezula Interiors in Cape Town.

Here are a few favourite images, enjoy… 

House Doctor
House Doctor
House Doctor
House Doctor
Image credits: House Doctor Everyday 2015 Catalogue


Flower House

May 20, 2015

Flower House
Come late October, cutting edge florists will fill an abandoned house in Detroit with fresh flowers, vines, roots and living plants for a weekend art installation. Fifteen rooms will come alive under the creative eye of florist Lisa Waud. Judging from their May preview, the Flower House exhibition will be spectacular and is certainly not one to be missed. Now if only I lived a little closer! Read more about their wonderfully crazy mission here.

This house was once a home and will blossom again…

Flower House Flower House Flower House
Image credits: Heather Saunders Photography for Flower House

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On trend: Adnet Circulaire mirrors

May 18, 2015

Adnet Circulaire mirrors
Image credits: 1. Skandium | 2. Photo by Silvia Rivoltella for Spotti Milano via Aiosa | 3. Houseno31 | 4. Erik Olsson via Planete Deco | 5. Photo by Eve Wilson via The Design Files

Lately I’ve noticed more and more of these beautiful circular mirrors popping up in my online browsing and in a variety of differently styled homes. The Adnet Circulaire mirror was designed by furniture designer, Jacques Adnet, in collaboration with the French fashion house, Hermes, back in 1950. This masculine mirror has a leather strap with equestrian inspired detailing and has become a rather iconic piece. Today the mirror has been reissued by Gubi so luckily you can still get your hands on one. Are you a fan of this classic piece?

Adnet Circulaire mirrors
Image credits: 1. Felix Forest | 2. Photo by Frida Ramstedt via Trendenser

Adnet Circulaire mirrors
Image credits: 1. Skandium | 2. Fantastic Frank via Planete Deco