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Decisions, decisions…

Decisions, decisions…

Friends of mine just got engaged this week, so exciting! And so it got me thinking about all the dilemmas involved, what style dress to choose, is just the tip of the iceberg! What kind of girl are you?

Modern fun with a retro touch?
Or perhaps a vintage belle?

Simple, timeless elegance?

Or very SJP and fashionable?!

Oh and don’t get me started on the wedding decor, too many choices I tell you!


  1. Agata

    24 July

    oooh…. who, who? anyone i know?

  2. lanak

    24 July

    Hi! Mike and Katie, sorry, don't think you've met them yet!

  3. megken2001

    27 July

    Love all the wedding photos!! Love the first one with the bright bouquet!

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