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Happy friday

Happy friday

Just a few colourful, happy images to get your weekend off to a good start! Love this “Happy Friday” message by Mary from her gorgeous blog, pretty good.

Images via: 1) pretty good, 2 & 3) Jose Villa, 4) sohomode , 5) Real Simple

  1. megken2001

    31 July

    These pictures are so fitting for a happy friday! Just wish we were having warmer weather like in the pictures – that dress is simply so pretty!

  2. gail.k

    2 August

    LOVE the dress!!

  3. Aladdin's Cave keepster

    30 December

    I love the yellow checkered dress!! I have one like that aswell…with a big lucious red rose at the waist!My ultimate summer dress…I always feel so happy in it!I could sing all day…other day's aswell, but a feel a happy song is better sung in summer than winter no? ;)Winter time songs have to be Gypsy like, you know, men and woman sitting around a campfire, playing guitar and violins, eating stews and lots of crusty breads…I could go on and on..if fact: I feel a song comming on ! ;P

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