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Eclectic decor

Eclectic decor

I don’t know about you but I’m not always that neat and have a tendency to love a bit of clutter! I love looking at those gorgeous modern sleek homes but I’d never to be able to live in one. These photos of Michelle and Tracy McCormick’s home are much more my style, love the way they’ve stored all their books and bits and pieces in mismatched boxes piled up on one another and the way they’ve put all their art up in uneven groupings.

The Selby1

The Selby2

I probably wouldn’t choose the blue walls, I’d go with white to freshen it up and make it a bit more feminine. What about you? Is this your style or are you more glam and girly?

All photos via The Selby


  1. megken2001

    31 August

    organised mess, brilliant 🙂

  2. gail.k

    2 September

    That is SO you! I love the pics

  3. Ultramelon

    3 September

    This is also v. me, I think – all the books! Love it.

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