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Hola mis amigas! Yes, I’m finally learning Spanish, how exciting! I’m only a few classes into the course so I am a total beginner but I’ve already come across a few great Spanish/English blogs and I can sort of make sense of them! Can’t wait to actually be able to watch Spanish movies. Here are some stunning photos of a Spanish home on the island of Formentera, mmm, perhaps I can go and practise my Spanish there on hoilday…





All photography by Jordi Canosa


  1. Hi, I'm Helen ^_^

    24 August

    OMG! I so need a vacation there.
    Hubby speak spanish so that will be perfect ^_^

  2. megken2001

    24 August

    Lets go there!! That would be so fantastic. Looks so beautiful.

  3. leslie

    25 August

    This looks so divine! I would love to go right now!
    Your blog is so beautiful!

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