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Lace inspiration

Lace inspiration

I really love lace, I have a box filled with vintage lace at home. It’s interesting to see how something so old fashioned can once again be so popular…

Lace collection

Some lovely lace inspired items I’ve spotted recently…

lace inspired

Tord Boontjie light, doily artwork by Sooooound, Temperley London dress from Net-a-porter, cut out design tealights by Impressionen, doily cushion by Nuka and clutch from Avelle

Delicate digital lace designs by A print a day.

Lace inspired

Beautiful lace necklaces by White Owl, stunning styling too.

White Owl

Love this vintage bedroom with the handmade doily bedspread actually made by Sweet Paul. And then an equally beautiful dress by Alexis Mabille.

Lace inspired

Finally an amazing headboard, it’s actually a digital print on a canvas, how clever?! From Livingetc.

Lace inspired

  1. megken2001

    17 August

    those necklaces, they are SO pretty! that dress too and the black and white bedroom – to die for!

  2. Being Brazen

    17 August

    Some great lace inspiration pictures.

    Love the black and white lace dress

  3. wholelottalovely

    17 August

    What a gorgeous post. I love vintage lace too. I saw this great idea for making lace bowls in Australian Home Beautiful, I tried it out and posted about it because it was so easy to do

  4. lanak

    17 August

    Oh wow,sounds great, going to check out your post right now Marie, hope it wasn't too long ago so I can still find it!

  5. Tiina of LiviaConcept

    19 August

    i love lace too! and oh-my that bedroom! i really want to whole package, specially the chanel…

    have a lovely day!
    tiina from stockholm

  6. lanak

    19 August

    Thanks for the comments everyone!Love your blog Tiina!

  7. christina

    20 February

    Your blog is lovely! I just happened over here while looking at lace and saw that you featured our necklaces- Thank you so much! 🙂

  8. Lana

    21 February

    You're welcome Christina, your necklaces are gorgeous, impossible not to post!

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