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Local design

Local design

I love featuring great South African design, it makes me feel proud to live here in Cape Town. I especially love the work of Alex Latimer as it depicts the eccentricities and quirky side of life in SA. Love all the local celebs and products thrown into his designs; Nelson Mandela, David Kramer, Evita, Hansie, All Gold tomato sauce, Marmite, Lion matches, the list goes on…look carefully, it’s so cool!

This must be one of the best alaphabet posters ever…

alphabet poster

Some wrapping paper designed by Alex…
SA wrapping

Some artwork done for Visi magazine via Art Propelled



Visit Alex’s website and blog.
p.s. The Alphabet posters are for sale, email Alex for info.

  1. megken2001

    20 August

    Love the alphabet! its so clever and the drawings are so cute!

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