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Friday I’m in heaven

Friday I’m in heaven

It’s friday again, I seem to live for them! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend and that you get to relax and do some things that really inspire you…
Just a few ideas…

Pick some fresh flowers, or buy some if your garden isn’t happening! Having beautiful flowers in my home always makes me smile. Lovely photo by Mary of pretty good
Photo by Pretty Good
Paint your toes and put on some sparkly shoes, just for fun!  Next 2 pics by bitterlemons
Photo by Bitter lemons

Photo by Bitter lemons
Have a lovely lunch or dinner, set the table beautifully and invite some friends over…
These 2 pics and next 2 by Jose Villa
Photos by Jose Villa
Treat yourself to something you really want…
Photo by Jose Villa
Take a walk in nature and take some photos of the beauty around you… this pic by me
Just take some time out for you! Stunning illustration by tuesday mourning
By tuesday mournings



  1. Being Brazen

    11 September

    Good ideas. Happy Friday to you too!

  2. CaraBella

    11 September

    Ee, this is delightful :)! Have a beautiful weekend!

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