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Letter love

Another trend I’ve spotted lately in interiors is cut-out lettering… obviously it’s always been used to advertise shops, hotels and venues but lately it’s been creeping into personal homes, I love the way you can be really creative and personalise this trend. What do you think? Do you have any lettering in your home?
Love these first two images not just for their letters but also because of the stunning dresses!!
Letter 1
Letters 2
Letters 3
Really like this cluster of letters and these giant yellow letters resting on a floating shelf…
Letter n
Letters 6
Love all these large over-sized letters…
Letters 7
Tempted to get myself a giant L!
Letters last

  1. Melissa A.

    30 September

    I don't have any letters in my home, but have thought about it. I love the first two pics as well, especially the girl in the dress standing below the Me sign.

  2. megken2001

    30 September

    I love all the kitchen pics with the lettering! Would love to have one of those kitchens!

  3. karoline

    30 September

    have been keeping my eyes peeled for letters for a while now – hope to come across something soon. there are some really great ideas in your pics!

  4. kristi @ lovelyvelo

    30 September

    the "cup" room is by far my favourite, awesome in so many ways. simple rustic… perfect!

  5. joanna of simple blueprint

    30 September

    thank you for the credit! I love letters! I have lots at home some new and some vintage! happy wednesday.

  6. Lexi

    30 September

    I came across your blog via Simple Blueprint and have fallen in love with your posts!! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Heather -Gathering Spriggs

    2 October

    Love this post!! Great idea!!

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