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Lately I’ve been spotting a lot of portraits in homes, both traditional and more modern. I think they can make such a fun statement. Oval or square, framed or unframed, the choice is yours.


Love the use of the fairy lights to lift a potentially serious portrait…


James Merrell

Portraits and chandeliers seem to almost always be teamed together…
James Merrell & Glamorous

Very British i Särö

Hello Kitty in uniform, such fun!

Stunning big portrait in Lulu Guinness’s home
Love the way they’ve hung these up with dramatic ribbons. And a pretty row of pegged silhouettes…

  1. Ultramelon

    16 September

    Love these – giving me some ideas …!

  2. gail.k

    16 September

    What lovely ideas — so diferent!

  3. Melissa A.

    17 September

    I love the sillouettes. That's a different idea on the curtains.

  4. Aladdin's Cave keepster

    6 December

    mmmmm! Candy!!

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