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Wallpaper love

Wallpaper love

I am a huge fan of wallpaper especially of bold, patterned designs. I came across Barneby Gates Wallpaper via livia Concept. Absolutely gorgeous! Love the simple styling too. My favourite is the gold reindeer horns and thistle design on the plum background! What do you think?





Photo credits: 1 & 6) photos by me, 2 & 3) Barneby Gates Wallpaper, 4) Toast, 5 & 7) Barneby Gates Wallpaper, 8) the style files

  1. megken2001

    17 September

    ooooh so pretty! love the maroon and gold one and the butterfly one!

  2. Em

    19 September

    The butterfly one is absolutely stunning, I too share your love of gorgeous wallpaper 🙂

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