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Weekend ideas…

Weekend ideas…

It’s friday and I couldn’t be happier, if only it were already 5pm! I know it’s terrible to wish away the day but today I really can’t wait for it to be 5 so I can pack my bags and go away for the weekend! We are off to Onrus which is just outside Hermanus which is just over an hour from Cape Town!

As usual, just a few ideas for your weekend, to relax being the main idea…
Friday ideas

Flapjacks for breakfast, how yummy, can’t think when I last had some… preferably get the boyfriend or someone else to make them for you and just enjoy! 😉
Friday ideas

What about just having some ‘me’ time and doing some journal writing, I find it always helps put things into perspective… (How lovely is that bedroom?)
Friday ideas

What about a trip to the library, coming home with piles of books to go through? I love libraries!
Friday ideas

Or treat yourself to some new magazines and get inspired…
Fiday ideas

If it’s a lovely day, what about a day trip…
Friday ideas

And try doing something different, just for fun and to make yourself laugh…
Friday ideas

And of course remember to enjoy the moment, I really like this saying and photo…
Friday ideas

Have a fabulous weekend!!!!

Photo credits: 1) Corrie Bond @ 2c, 2) Chris Everard @ Sarah Kaye Management, 3 & 4) Ulrika Ekblom @ VOL, 5, 6 & 7) Toast, 8) James Merrell, 9) collage by me, 10) Joanna Henderson @ Sarah Kaye Management, 11) This is Glamourous, 12) Emily McGregor @ 2c, 13) Tom Corbett, 14) photo by me, 15) bohemia


  1. Being Brazen

    18 September

    great ideas. I so feel like doing something different and getting flapjacks made for me 🙂

    HAve a fab weekend!

  2. Emily Kennedy

    18 September

    Perfect post. You're giving good idea for my anniversary, and/or my birthday coming up.

  3. Jaime

    18 September

    Lovely blog- found through The City Sage.

    I would love to do any of these in this post!

    Have a nice weekend and check out my blog-

    🙂 Jaime

  4. casey

    18 September

    just stumbled upon your gorgeous blog. even better to find out that you're a local. fantastic. enjoy onrus – such a mindclearing, fresh space

  5. Crystal @ Plush Palate

    19 September

    Found your via The City Sage and I'm so glad I did! Gorgeous blog you have!

    Have a great weekend. xo Crystal

  6. Melissa A.

    19 September

    You always have such pretty pictures and rooms to look at. I swoon over it all…

  7. [email protected] and Home

    19 September

    Just found your blog through The City Sage. Love it! Already subscribed!

  8. Ultramelon

    19 September

    I'll take the flapjacks and the pile of books 🙂

  9. Heather -Gathering Spriggs

    21 September

    great ideas and wonderful dreamy imagery! I ll take one of each.

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