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A touch of black and white

A touch of black and white

Hope you all had a lovely weekend, I had a very relaxing time which was just what I needed. Today I thought I’d start the week off with some dramatic black and white inspiration. I myself love colour but there is something about black and white that is quite appealing… the combination is so versatile, it can be very gamorous and old world or modern and chic, the choice is yours…
Blk & Wht 1
How stunning is this little black sofa? I would love to have that in my bedroom…
A pretty dayroom and a stunning, nostalgic photo by the talented Jamie of From Me To You
Absolutely love this giant painted wall blackboard, it is brilliant
This second photo really appeals to me, stunning glossy white floors and rustic archway, it looks like it belongs to an amazing holiday house set on an idyllic island! Don’t you think?
And lastly some lovey bold geometric patterns…
Photo credits: Collage: Quote via Everything Fabulous, necklace by Marquis & Camus, photo by Ann Street Studio, shoes from PeepToe, clutch from Haute Couture, dress from Try This On.


  1. Being Brazen

    26 October

    I just adore black and white.

  2. Agata

    26 October

    the giant blackboard and 'calendar' are genius!!!! Must remember that one.

  3. From Me To You

    26 October

    Wow! Thank you for using my photography in an editorial setting! It looks great, I especially love the black and white filigree shot next to the black dress, looks so french!

  4. Jaime

    26 October

    Great selection of black and white- it's so chic!

  5. karey m.

    27 October


    well done. made my day to see such beauty all in one spot. because i tend to be lazy.

    had to share you with kirtsy.

  6. Heather -Gathering Spriggs

    28 October

    Gorgeous! I love your collage of images. so sleek, yet feminine.

  7. Lana

    28 October

    Thanks for all the lovely comments! And a special thank you to Karey!

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