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Beautiful blossoms

Beautiful blossoms

Inspired by this lovely photo of Sarah Jessica Parker and the soft pinks of smashmydreamoflove’s photos, I decided to do a blossom story, so Spring, so pretty, enjoy…
Photos by Damian Russell


Photo by Agata K
photo by smashmydreamoflove2
photo by smashmydreamoflove

Blossoms by me

photos via Atlanta Bartlett
Cherry blossoms
Photo credits:1) Collage- Vintage Clothiers, cherry blossoms, Annie Schlechter,  2 & 3) Damian Russell, 4) oops, can’t remember where I found this! 5) Polly Wreford, 6) Agata, 7 & 8) smashmydreamoflove, 9 & 10) photos by me, 11 & 12) Atlanta Bartlett, 13) yancunyong de blog

  1. megken2001

    6 October

    The Blossom tree is so amazing! Such a pretty pink. Love it when all the blossom trees begin to bloom…

  2. Jaime

    6 October

    Lovely collage! Adored that ad campaign for SJP's perfume.

  3. CaraBella

    6 October

    *so* gorgeous! seriously le sigh factors going on here ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. AVON

    6 October

    so much beautiful pictuer i love the pink blossome

  5. gail.k

    7 October

    Tranquil, serene & inspirational … Beautiful!!!

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