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Butterfly collection

Butterfly collection

I’ve been seeing some stunning butterfly artworks lately and I took a daytrip to Butterfly World, so I thought I’d share my pretty finds with you, I hope you enjoy!
Butterflies  1
Butterflies 1

This is my mini butterfly collection on the left, although I wouldn’t mind if the room on the right was mine too, it’s so pretty!
Butterflies 2
Butterflies 3
Love this collection of butterflies from Geninne and the framed paper butterflies are also sweet…
Butterflies 4
A pretty necklace found on Folksy
Butterflies 5
And lastly a stunning butterfly bouquet, so beautiful!
Photo credits: 1) Collage by me, main photo from Snippet & Ink, 2, 3 & 4) photos by me, 5) Home Sweet Home, 6 & 7) Photos by me, 8) Geninne’s Art Blog, 9) first home, 10) necklace by come day go day, 11 & 12) Photos by me, 13) fric and frac


  1. megken2001

    14 October

    SO pretty! Absolutely adore butterflies! Butterfly world is awesome too, they so beautiful… Love all the pics

  2. Jaime

    14 October

    I like your butterfly collection- simple and chic! I saw the bouquet on another blog once…so cool!

  3. Amy

    14 October

    The framed paper butterflies is really different. I like it. The other day I saw these necklaces made from butterfly wings – the patterns were so pretty but kind of sad too.

  4. Gaia

    15 October

    OH! i really want a bouquet like this! it's fantastic and unique!

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