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Natural beauty

And since we’re talking about fashion today, I thought I’d show you some beautiful photography by Rockie Nolan. I love the combination of fashion and beautiful outdoor settings. Her use of lighting is just lovely too. You can see more photos at her Flickr page, fadedfilmstrips or at her website, Rockie Nolan.
Rockie 5
Rockie 11
Rockie 7
Rockie 4
Rockie 10
Rockie 8

  1. Fallon

    1 October

    Absolutely beautiful!

  2. CaraBella

    1 October

    These are *so* gorgeous — seriously, you have such a fabulous eye, this is maybe the 8th post where I've told myself to click out of reader so I could comment 🙂 (haha, and I finally did!) And, ps, fab find on dustjacket attic! Added it to my reading list, thanks :)!

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