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Vintage film

Today I’m featuring lovely vintage inspired photography by Cassia Beck who lives in Brighton, a busy seaside town in the UK. I love the slightly blurred and scratched effect she achieves, it works so well with the pretty things she photographs. Splashes of candy pinks and blues, pops of yellow, seaside icons and little toys, sigh, all so pretty…

Cassie 1

Cassia 2

Cassie 3
 Cassie 4
 Cassie 5
Cassie 6

You can see more of Cassia’s work at her lovely blog, her cassia beck photography etsy shop, her Lola’s Room etsy shop or on flickr, enjoy!!

  1. liz stanley

    28 October

    hi! just found your lovely blog via it's up my same ally:

  2. Vanilla Press

    28 October

    Stunning photos!

  3. Superficialgirl

    28 October

    I love those pics!

  4. megken2001

    28 October

    Love the pics with the black borders. Very very pretty!

  5. Being Brazen

    28 October

    lovely photos!

  6. Cassia

    28 October

    Thank you very much for giving me a mention!

  7. Jaime

    28 October

    So pretty and nostalgic feeling… love the balloons!

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