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Visual inspiration

Visual inspiration

So did you have a lovely weekend? I certainly hope so! I’m hoping for a productive and inspiring week ahead. And to start the week off, I’m featuring the photography of i.Anton, I just love all of her photos, it took me forever to choose my faves! You can see more of her gorgeous photos at her flickr photostream or buy them from getty images… enjoy!
IA 15
iAnton 2

iAnton 3
IA 4
iAnton 4
iAnton 5

All photos: i.Anton ©

  1. Paula

    19 October

    so cute!

  2. Jaime

    19 October

    Such pretty photos! I had a nice weekend- relaxing and fun 🙂 Hope you did too!

  3. Vanilla Press

    19 October

    These pictures are beautiful!

  4. Amy

    19 October

    Gorgeous photos! I can see why it was hard to pick she has so many great ones.

  5. joanna of simple blueprint

    24 October

    LOVE! I love that you shared the getty link as well! it is saved… hope i can use her work sometime!

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