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Fresh white

I absolutely love this apartment, everything about it, the fresh white walls and simple furniture, the wooden floorboards, the interesting little decor pieces and of course the sunlight streaming in through the lovely big windows. It’s looks so light and airy and calm, I’d move in any day, don’t you agree?
Anna k 2
Anna k 3
Anna K 4
All photos by Anna Kern

  1. vanilla press

    19 November

    That is a gorgeous apartment!

  2. megken2001

    19 November

    Oh my word, I want to live there!! Its absolutely stunning. It looks so peaceful..

  3. Being Brazen

    19 November

    I want this apartment

  4. Alaina @ Live Creating Yourself

    19 November

    Gorgeous! And I love seeing the sheepskin rug in beautiful homes! I just bought two from IKEA!

  5. elena

    19 November

    Absolutely Beautiful! I love when interiors are decorated with the color white. When done in the right way, there is something very serene and welcoming about it. Love the pictures!

  6. Jaime

    19 November

    Gorgeous and peaceful, indeed πŸ™‚

  7. circa22

    19 November

    Beautiful!!! I love white…its fresh and you can always switch out color. Funny one of my trends for Spring 11…speaks about whites as the new neautrals….sands, stones, washed appearances.. Great post!

  8. Hi, I'm Helen ^_^

    19 November

    OMG, this is sooooo pretty.
    I want to live there too.
    So relaxing and dreamy.

  9. Gaia

    20 November

    I'm a big fan of Anna Kern and J'adore the apartmemt!

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    would you like to participate? come to visit me and leave a comment!

    nighty night!

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