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Friday relief!

Friday relief!

I am so thankful it’s friday, this has been such a long and hectic week, it’s crazy at work at this time of year and so stressful… so this weekend is very much in need! I wish I really could just find some beautiful place and get lost…
fri idea 1
I have some creative plans for the weekend, more to be revealed next week! Stay tuned for my first giveaway! 😉
Photos by Amanda Pratt
There will have to be some major relaxing, feet up with some tasty beverages…
Photos by me
And a bit of exercise, hopefully a trip up the mountain, weather depending and maybe a bike trip…
Rachel Whiting and Amanda Pratt
And lastly I’ll have to do a bit of homework, I have so much correspondence and catching up to do as well as my Spanish. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend, any exciting plans I should know about? Enjoy!
Photos by Shana Faust
Photo credits: Collage- 1) photo from 20×200, 2) sorry, can’t remember where I spotted this! 3) Lottie Bites, 4) art from 20×200, 5) Atlanta Bartlett.
Rest of photos: 1, 2 & 6) Amanda Pratt @ Kate Ryan Inc. 3 & 4) Photos by me, 5) Rachel Whiting, 7 & 8) Shana Faust


  1. Fri {Wedding Nouveau}

    13 November

    I hear ya on the Friday relief! These images are stunning, as always. Have a great weekend.

  2. Vanilla Press

    13 November

    Your weekend sounds like it will be fabulous!
    My friend is coming over to stay tonight, as my hubby still away in the States for a week, so we will open a bottle of wine & make some nice dinner.
    Love your pics, very inspiring!
    Enjoy the weekend!

  3. Agata

    13 November

    my weekend plans?.. hhmm, I'll be doing a bit of travelling ;-D

  4. megken2001

    13 November

    Brilliant plans for a nice relaxing wkd, definitely in need of one of those… and a beautiful iced cookie too!!

  5. Jaime

    13 November

    Lovely selection 🙂

    Enjoy your weekend!

  6. char

    15 November

    I love these posts, very motivating. Stunning images!

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