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Off to Hermanus!

Off to Hermanus!

So it’s friday once again, yay, and after work today, I’m going to Hermanus to visit family and friends!
My plans are to do some walking on the beach, perhaps swimming if it’s hot enough, take photos, do some reading and that’s about it! Can’t wait! What are your plans?…
Photo by Anna Wolf & me
Photo by Anna Wolf
Photos by Anna Kern
Photos by Anna Kern
Photos by Anna Kern
Photo credits:1 & 3) Anna Wolf, 2) photo by me, 4 – 9) Anna Kern


  1. Lady Times

    27 November

    It's my ?'s birthday tomorrow. Yay. So we are going to Back2Basics to watch some bands and eat junk food and then off to the Woods for a bit of mad jumping around to D&B. Recover on Sunday. Hermanus does sound lovely. Have a great time and drive safe.
    PS loveing your pin No.2!!!
    Peace & Love

  2. char

    27 November

    If it's a bright east coast day, we'll be off for our fave cheesy breakfast at the Shongweni farmers market.Hopefully this is the weekend of the birth of our long planned veggie garden. Enjoy your trip.

  3. Janice

    27 November

    Hello Lana,

    Your blog is so lovely. Thanks for commenting on mine, I'd be happy for you to feature my illustrations on your blog.

    Best wishes,

  4. Nadine

    27 November

    Wow, walking on the beach and swimming? It's winter here unfortunately but at the moment I quite like it since I can just cuddle up on my sofa with a nice cup of tea, a good book, a warm blanket and some good music in the background. This is what I will do this weekend but I will also do some work and develop a lighting plan for my interior design course. Hope that goes well…


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