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A touch of frost

Today I’m sharing some more Christmas images with you, because next week I’ll be posting about something else entirely different! You’ll have to wait and see…
These gorgeous shots are all styled by Eva Lindh and for me, they are so typical of a Winter’s Christmas, which is not at all what we experience here. Christmas here is hot and sunny and we often opt for cold meats and salads as opposed to a traditional hot dinner. But I love these images, with logs piled high, mittens and boots on hand and traditional reds and greens, it makes me long for a White Christmas…
Eva 1
Eva 3
Eva 4
Eva 5
Eva 6
All images via Eva Lind Stylist, photos by Anna Kern


  1. Mi Vida Bonita

    13 December

    Beautiful images!! What a cozy home, I love the coffee table with the fruit pedastool.


  2. Black Zebra

    13 December

    she is so very creative,as an aspiring stylist I know how difficult it is to get the shots right……

  3. tahni candelaria

    15 December

    i love this so ridiculously much. i can't even take it.

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