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Christmas decor…

Christmas decor…

Just a few pics of our family Christmas tree, decorated by my sisters, isn’t it pretty?!
Our tree 1
Our tree 2
Our tree 3
Our tree 4
Photos: by me


  1. elena

    25 December

    Oh I love it! Merry Christmas!

  2. Gaia

    26 December

    Are you sure the pics are yours and not from a Magazine? they are stunning… Love the light, love the decorations, love everytuhing!

    Have a late merry Christmas! Sorry I'm late!!!

    I wish you had a very nice Christmas!

  3. This Way to Joy

    27 December

    I love your tree!! . . . and your photo's!! Absolutely beautiful! Thank you for posting such wonderful things, Lana!

  4. Lana

    28 December

    Thanks for all your lovely comments! Glad you liked our tree!x

  5. alli michelle

    29 December

    SO cute and sweet. I love those envelopes!

  6. Amy

    31 December

    Great tree! I love the envelope ornaments.

  7. cape fiction

    6 January


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