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Russia day 2…

One of the things that appeals to me about Russia is all the gold! As well as all the ornate details and carvings, the religious icons and the grand scale of just about everything…
Rus 1
Rus 2
Rus 3
Rus 4ajpg
Rus 5
Bronwyn’s tip of the day, “Don’t forget to pack one seriously glam outfit and a pair of heels, especially if you’re planning on attending any concerts. In Russia there’s no such thing as being over-dressed: the blinger the better, no matter the occasion.”

And bearing that in mind, it’s no wonder then that this editorial is from Russian Vogue… love their dramatic, bold sense of style! Sequins by day, that’s brave!

Vogue 1
Vogue 2

Photos by Bronwyn M, collages put together by myself using images from Russian Vogue Aug 09,
Fashion pics via Fashionising


  1. Mrs. G

    15 December

    Ooo I feel like booking a trip right now.. thank you for sharing all your amazing finds with us! bye bye Mrs.G

  2. megken2001

    15 December

    Seriously looks absolutely amazing!!

  3. vanilla press

    15 December

    Love the Russian architecture.gorgeous!

  4. Kris

    15 December

    the architecture is brilliant!!

  5. Jaime

    16 December

    Gorgeous- I love everything gold and shimmery/shiny!

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