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Russia day 3…

Russia day 3…

Onto day 3 of Russia, thanks for all your comments so far, I’m so glad you’re all enjoying this series! More gorgeous golds and intricate mosaic religious scenes, I love all the onion domes…
Rus 6
Russia 7
Russia 8a
Russia 9a
Russia 10a

And here’s something from Bronwyn that you probably wouldn’t guess about Russia, “Russians love their pets, and in Moscow there are pet supermarkets with fashion ranges for animals – everything from fur-trimmed coats to sequinned dresses with matching accessories. And when Russians visit their dachas without their pets they’ll often bring back a birch twig as a ‘souvenir’.But at the same time, it’s common to see people selling boxes full of kittens or puppies on the side of the road, baby bears performing tricks for tourists and stray dogs roaming in packs (or riding the metro!).”

This is the kind of clothing I always imagined one would see in Russia, embroidered kaftan style dresses using folk inspiration, I think I may be wrong but I still love them!
Russia folk
Russia painting 2

All photos by Bronwyn M, Collage credits: clothing from Plรผmo and Monsoon, necklace by Elva Fields, books via From Russia


  1. Rambling Tart

    17 December

    Again – absolutely wonderful! These pictures make my heart happy and I can't stop smiling. ๐Ÿ™‚ Those caftans are fantastic! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. megken2001

    17 December

    I absolutely love the photo of the bridge with the umbrella lady! Its something out of the 1800's!

  3. Heather -Gathering Spriggs

    18 December

    this is a great series. im inspired for sure. i want to go out an buy a peasant blouse now!

  4. gail.k

    19 December

    What amazing buildings!! I loved the kaftans — why not import & start a new fashion here?!!

  5. Muzhaeva

    1 June

    Come to Moscow, I will hold you a tour of the most surprising places.
    Paradox! I am inspired by South Africa.
    My morning starts with reading your blog.

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