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Weekend plans…

I’ve been so busy this week, thankfully it’s only one week now till my holiday starts, phew! And as Christmas is nearing closer, I think it’s definitely time to get out the decorations and start getting into the festive spirit! Since I don’t actually have any Christmas decorations, I better get creative, I love the idea of using moss and ribbons and keeping things simple. And maybe a bit of glitz! I’ve been getting loads of Christmas decor inspiration over at Federica’s blog, Sweet as a Candy, so pop over if you  need some too!

This weekend I’m planning on a bit of Christmas shopping and some decorating. I’ve got my sister’s 30th to celebrate which will be fun, plus a braai and a long walk planned, sounding busy already! What are your plans, anything exciting? How’s your decorating going? Have a great weekend!

Glen Proebstel
Eva Lindh
Eva Lindh
Deb McLean
Photo credits:1 & 2) Glen Proebstel @ KHM, 3,4 & 5) Eva Lindh, 6) One Gift One World, 7 & 8) Deb McLean


  1. Gaia

    11 December

    Hi Lana,

    I'm really happy you like my moulds with moss, candles and holly!

    I'm doing a Christmas giveaway contest and I'd love you to participate!

    I can't wait to see your pics …
    have a great decor weekend!

  2. watsonthecat

    11 December

    thumbs up to using natural elements as decoration – i put a few sprigs of pine tree branches around the house in glass jars – simple but lovely.

  3. Amy

    12 December

    I love those first two photos. Great neutral colors and the hanging silver ornaments are beautiful. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  4. SarahL

    12 December

    Lana, I love the Christmas decorating ideas you found. They are so simple, yet lovely!
    What on earth is a 'braai'?

  5. Lana

    12 December

    Thanks for all the comments, Watson, brilliant idea, that's exactly what I was planning on doing this weekend, since there's a pine grove near my home! And Sarah, a braai is what us South Africans call a barbecue!

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