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There’s something about old wooden birdcages that I just love…and when they’re used as decor items not actual cages. Whimsical, old fashioned and oh so pretty. What do you think?


Is this not the prettiest table setting ever? Imagine being here now, without worries or work, just a magical day out in the countryside with friends…
Duet weddings
And I absolutely love this shot, the pose, the ruffly dress, the silhouetted birds, just gorgeous!
Birds 2
Image credits:1 & 8) Fashion gone Rogue, 2 & 3) Duet Weddings, 4 & 5) Nick Scott, 6) first home, 7) tracemyface

  1. vineeta

    21 January

    Loved this post- what a neta idea- for years I've seen cages used as a beautiful prop for shoots & yet I haven't thought of a post like this one. LOVED the images.

  2. Liz

    21 January

    there's definitely something enchanting about birdcages! These are all so beautiful!

  3. megken2001

    21 January

    So stunning! Love the bird pics! Especially love the table setting outdoors with the bird cages

  4. Lori

    21 January

    I've always loved bird cages when we go to the antique stores. What a great collection of images! And a great blog. I'm working my way slowly through the BYW blog list too! πŸ™‚

  5. manvi @ mochatini

    22 January

    how fun! love birdcages and these images are simply gorgeous!

  6. Practical Princess

    22 January

    Who new birds and their cages could be so chic?! Beautiful pictures!

  7. candybox

    23 January

    I love all the images you have on your post! They're so pretty!

    Your blog is inspirational! It makes me want to decorate my room πŸ™‚


  8. Black Zebra

    23 January

    Bird cages-especially the vintage ones were one of my obsessions for 2009, Loved this post! x

  9. joanna of simple blueprint

    28 January

    LOVE! had to repost part of it! hope you are well! I am part of BYW as well! xx. joanna

  10. Leslie

    28 January

    This is a stunning post -totally fabulous…I have been just staring at every single image. wow. thank you.

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