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Bunny love

No, don’t worry it’s not Easter yet, just feeling some bunny love today! Have a good Sunday, see you all tomorrow again…
rabbit love

Ps Is anyone else excited about the new Alice in Wonderland movie? I can’t wait!


1) Bunny pin by Sweet and light, 2) Tote by Deadworry, 3, 6 & 9) Necklace, notebook and picture by Super Duper Things, 4 & 8) fifi lapin, 5) Print by The love shop, 7) Art by Amber Alexandra

AFTER NOTE: After spending the morning putting my rabbit storyboard and this post together, I decided to go for a walk on the mountain. As I was coming home I spotted a fluffy white rabbit sitting outside someones house! Now how odd is that?! You definitely do not ever see rabbits in the streets of Cape Town! I rang the doorbell to see if perhaps their pet rabbit had escaped but apparently it’s just a wild rabbit that hangs out in the area! Strange, no?!

  1. dinkum design

    31 January

    Alice in Wonderland is a 3D MUST! All that fantasy and our Jonny all rolled into one. I'll be there for sure.

  2. Bandaloop

    31 January

    Pretty, pretty, pretty!

  3. country girl

    31 January

    Oh-so-pretty. I especially love 1 2 &3.
    Last fall in Cape Cod there were wild bunnies everywhere, it was crazy.
    Enjoy your sunday!
    xo country girl

  4. ~Emily Smolak~

    31 January

    I can not wait to see that movie!

  5. Jaime

    31 January

    Love # 5 and 9. What a funny story!

  6. Practical Princess

    1 February

    Ah! How cute! I love the bunny in #8, sooo adorable!

  7. Jardino

    1 February

    That is very strange! Wow, I love stuff like that;)

    I didn't realise that there was a new movie of Alice's adventures… I'm definitely going to see it now!

  8. megken2001

    1 February

    Too cute! You shouldve put a pic up of Blackie from Onrus?!

  9. karoline

    1 February

    love it when things like that happen! and congrates on passing the 20,000 mark!!

  10. Lana

    1 February

    Yep, the movie has Johnny Depp in it, well spotted Char! And other great actors plus it's in 3D, it's a must!!

  11. Jutta

    1 February

    Cutesy rabbits! I saw the movie poster for Alice in Wonderland and couldn't believe it was Johnny Depp. I was in shock, he was almost unrecognizable πŸ™‚

  12. Priscilla Joy

    25 February

    I can't wait. I think its going to be great.

    By the way, this is the first time I visit your blog and I truly enjoy it. Thank you.

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