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Friday tips

Even though it’s Friday, I feel I’m in need of some extra colour and a little bit of cheering up. This is the third day in a row that we’ve had gale force winds here in Cape Town, especially where I live and unfortunately I’m not really a fan of the wind! Anyway these pics are definitely putting me in a better mood, I’d love to have the “flick your positive switch” pic up on my notice board as a daily reminder to keep me focused and positive! Have a lovely day and weekend too, keep happy and inspired!
Tips 1
Tips 2
Tips 3
Image credits:1, 3 & 5) Jessie Ford via CIA, 2) Michael Graydon, 4) Alexandra Grablewski,  6) Deidre Rooney @ Sarah Kaye Management

  1. vineeta

    29 January

    Wow! these are so happy making, I'm going to click on the credit links- I absolutely *heart* those posters on the left!

  2. country girl

    29 January

    These are so fun! I often feel like a little giddy child when I visit you! πŸ™‚

  3. choc_coffee

    29 January

    love this, especially the illustrations!!

  4. frauheuberg

    29 January

    hej, a wonderful start in the weekend…love the quotes all very much…thanks for sharing with us…and have a wonderful inspiring weekend, too…with much sweet delicious cake…and not so much windy weather…until then…see you in class…;)…

  5. megken2001

    29 January

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Love the pics you used with the quotes! SO stunning. Love the cake one, so me!!

  6. Cupcake Couture

    29 January

    Definately did something good to my tired week end brain. Would love to hear how the blogging course went… x

  7. Jaime

    29 January

    This is such a cute, creative post! Love all the bright colors.

  8. Amy

    30 January

    These are so fun! I'm with you, I'm not a fan of the wind either – it is really windy here and around 15

  9. wholelottalovely

    30 January

    love these!

  10. dinkum design

    31 January

    What a super little post. Illustrations and photography, my two favorites!

  11. kate

    21 February

    your pairings always make me smile. you have a great eye!

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