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Hello Monday

Another beautiful day here in Cape Town, aren’t we lucky? I had a lovely weekend, the highlight being, wandering around Simonstown with a friend and buying the prettiest recipe book ever, just couldn’t help myself but more about that later! Did you have a good weekend? What are your plans for the week? I’m also starting a blogging course today which is being run by Holly of decor8 with the help of Leslie from A creative mint, how exciting! Today, some pretty pastels for you to start the week off on a soft, calm note…
Pastel 1
Pastel 2
Pastel 3
Ulrika Ekblom
Pastel 5
Image credits: 1) Corrie Bond @ 2|©, 2) Carolyn Barber, 3) Daisy Pink cupcake, 4) Home Sweet Home, 5) first home, 6) Kate Powers @ Kate Ryan Inc., 7 & 8) Ulrika Ekblom @ VOL, 9) first home, 10) Anna Kern

  1. Practical Princess

    18 January

    It's all so pretty and cute! I am in love with all the different patterns and textures. Great collage.

  2. country girl

    18 January

    Aaaah, very pretty…coloring up this slate-gray monday. Especially love the cupcakes, how cute are they.
    xo country girl

  3. desi

    18 January

    hi Lanalou!

    Ive forgotten how enlightening your blog is!! so pretty, makes me want to buy all the cute stuff i c here!!
    plans for this week? mmm, to have fun! 🙂
    have a great monday!!


  4. megken2001

    18 January

    Are those cupcakes real?! So pretty

  5. Lana

    18 January

    Definitely not real! Made out of ribbon and fabric I think! But so pretty

  6. Jardino

    18 January

    Fabulous! I've been admiring your blog for a while… you have the most exquisite sense for photo composites! Can't wait for BYW to begin, how about you?

  7. frauheuberg

    18 January

    hej lana,

  8. Lana

    18 January

    Thanks Janine and Ines, see you at BYW soon, how exciting?!

  9. Federica

    18 January

    Soo pretty! The color palette of these photos are sooo cute!
    Happy new week!

  10. Vanilla Press

    18 January

    Yes, you are soo lucky to be in beautiful Capetown! Love that picture from "Home Sweet Home".

  11. Cupcake Couture

    18 January

    How lovely to be doing the course. Enjoy! x

  12. thefabricofmylife

    19 January

    hey there! i'm a fellow BYW student, i just wanted to say how cute i think your site is!
    i love these pastel inspirations 🙂

  13. Elena

    19 January

    This makes you dream of spring! Such beautiful tones!

  14. Anne @ The City Sage

    20 January

    gorgeous indeed! here in san francisco we've had torrential downpours, so these are a welcome spot of color 🙂

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