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Home alone

Just a few pics of my cat, isn’t she sweet? Yes, I may look like a crazy cat lady but I’m missing her, she’s home alone while we’re on holiday, poor thing. She always chooses the oddest places to relax…


  1. elena

    3 January

    Love that face! I always think of my kitty too when I'm away. I swear I have more pics of her than anything! Hope you're having a great holiday!;)

  2. Brigitte

    3 January

    She's so fluffy! I have my two kitties lounging about with me right now. They're such good company.

  3. Agata

    4 January

    from one catlady to another… I miss my kitty too!! I'll be seeing her in 3 weeks though! πŸ™‚

  4. megken2001

    4 January

    aaaah fluffy!! Too cute!!

  5. cape fiction

    6 January

    Ag vooitog!! Hope she's doing ok!

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