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My inspiration board

My inspiration board

Today’s post is actually homework for the fantastic blogging e-course I’m doing (BYW with Holly of decor8 and Leslie from A creative mint), we had to create an inspiration board about our blog… it was such fun, nothing better than doing a bit of actual cutting and pasting!
Storyboard 2


  1. Thea

    7 February

    Hello from the BYW class in Australia. I love your board! It does depict your elegant blog style.

  2. kendalee

    7 February

    Your mood board is gorgeous – sunny, vibrant and eclectic! I was so inspired by it that I browsed around your blog and it too is gorgeous… and then I noticed you have a whole category of posts labelled Hermanus and I was instantly in love. I grew up there and it is still, of all the places I've been fortunate enough to visit and live since, one of the most magical on the planet to me! Luckily I still get to visit friends and family in the fairest Cape quite often and from now on I'm going to check out your lovely blog for places to shop and have tea when I'm there as I haven't seen anything I don't love here!

    Sorry for book-long comment but just got very excited πŸ™‚

  3. Cupcake Couture

    7 February

    I really like it.

  4. frauheuberg

    7 February

    oh, lana…its just wonderful…love your writing on the pictures…makes it more alive…and the cute ribbons on the left side…so lovley…i love your blog…always inspiring…;)…cheers ines…thanks for visit me and your lovley words…

  5. joanna of simple blueprint

    7 February

    oh lana it is great! i worked on mine today but will photograph it tomorrow when there is better light. will post tomorrow evening! I had so much fun ripping apart magazines. just hard to keep it to one board! well off to bed. happy new week. joanna

  6. Great board….it definitely fits your blog! I just found out about that course….sounds fantastic, I hope they run it again so I can jump on!

  7. Angie Allen

    8 February

    This makes me want to plan every intricate detail of a vacation. It really drew me in. I so appreciate your hand written notes. Lovely.

  8. PenelopeLovesLists

    8 February

    I love this storyboard. I love that you included some of your own handwriting into it, too. Great work!

  9. Lana

    8 February

    Thanks for the all the comments! Such a positive start to the week!

    Kendalee- I'm glad you liked all my Hermanus posts, my parents live there and so I'm sure there'll be more!

    Kate- This is Holly's second course and I'm sure there'll be another one, so worth doing! Keep a look out on decor8!


    8 February

    Thank you for your visit to my blog and your kind comments!
    Your inspirational board is lovely! have a good week and see you on BYW!


    8 February

    It's always so much fun to see others' inspiration boards! I have that picture of the room with orange and pink drapes too. It's been one of my favorites forever! πŸ™‚

  12. vineeta

    9 February

    I loved your board! So much energy & I really like the outdoor you brought in. And the map πŸ™‚ And the 'guess who is coming to dinner' pic is gorgeous.

  13. Jaime

    10 February

    How cool! I would love to take a class like this… great inspiration board you've made πŸ™‚

  14. Leslie

    22 February

    Hi Lana, every time I come for a visit I am just so impressed by you and the blog you are creating. Your board really shows your unique, eclectic eye and I find it inspiring!

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