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I am so happy that it’s Friday and the weekend is almost here, it’s been another busy week for me and I am so ready to relax! I want to spend some time outdoors and catch up with friends and of course a few other things too. So what are your plans? Are you as relieved as me that it’s Friday?!
Friday inspiration
Cedric Bihr
Friday inspiration
Cedric Bihr
Friday inspiration


  1. Megan

    19 February

    Stunning photos! Love the horse on the beach with the bright balloons!

  2. Little Emma

    19 February

    This weekend I'm going to spend a couple of days with my friends in Parma. Can't wait. Happy weekend to you as well!!


    19 February

    Love these!!
    Happy weekend darling!!

  4. Vanilla Press

    19 February

    Love these pictures, so peaceful & beautiful
    I am so glad its Friday too, & I get to see my hubby after 2 weeks.
    Have a great weekend

  5. Melanie's Randomness

    19 February

    I'm so relieved that its Friday. Whew. Relaxation sounds absolutely wonderful!! Pretty pictures too!

  6. Rambling Tart

    19 February

    Pure bliss, warm and serene. Love this. 🙂

  7. B

    19 February

    Yes! So happy it's Friday! Sooo looking forward to a relaxing weekend!

  8. megan jorgenson

    20 February

    Lovely post, are the hanging lanterns made out of maps?

  9. Lana

    20 February

    Hi Megan, I don't think those lanterns are made from maps, I think it's from fabric, but hard to see!

    Lovely weekend to all of you!

  10. Cupcake Couture

    20 February

    So happy it is weekend too. I have already had a lovely swim in the ocean…as refreshing as your pics.

  11. megan jorgenson

    21 February

    I thought so. either way map lanterns would be just as cute!

  12. Leslie

    22 February

    What a dreamy and beautiful post. I am really taken by that lantern image with the aqua tinged walls…how fabulous would that hallway be to walk down!!!

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