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Blog recognition

Blog recognition

Have you noticed that bloggers are getting more recognition day by day? Just in the last two weeks I’ve spotted two newspaper articles and two magazine articles, all stating that blogging is definitely an advertising medium to be reckoned with and the way forward! Love seeing this in black and white print, especially when a lot of people I meet still don’t actually know what a blog is!
The March 2010 issue of US Vogue has a great article, profiling a group of fashion bloggers, many of whom have already reached celebrity status. The featured bloggers include Garance Doré, Bryanboy, Michelle Phan, Tommy Ton, Yvan Rodick, Hanneli Mustaparta, Todd Selby, Catherine Kallon and Mary Tomer.
Vogue- bloggers 1
Vogue- bloggers 2
It’s amazing to see what these bloggers are achieving, from books being published, to T-shirt lines, to advertising campaigns being shot. “Blogging has become a profession, even if no one has worked out the full terms and conditions yet.” says Mark Holgate of Vogue. It’s a dynamic place to be at the moment, full of promise and opportunity, so put yourself out there!
Bloggers 1

Bloggers 2

Last 4 image credits: 1) Garance Doré, 2) Hanneli, 3) Facehunter, 4) The Selby

  1. Mi Vida Bonita

    10 March

    Yea for Blogging! ?

    I do think it's crazy some people still don't know what a blog is!

  2. coelho

    10 March

    obsessed with blogs, my daily fix, read them more than newspapers! work on 2 – one personal & one business – so cool get to blog as part of my day job too!

  3. elena

    10 March

    Thanks for this post Lana. It just helped re-motivate me to keep going. Sometimes you just feel like you're putting stuff out in the universe that no one even see's?! But I'm going to keep going, as it's blogs like yours' that inspired me to start in the first place. 😉 So I will continue to put myself out there and see what happens!

  4. Muzhaeva

    10 March

    Girl in red is Russian it girl. Each outfit its unique! Her name is Miroslava Duma.

  5. Megan

    10 March

    Holding thumbs for yours to get there 🙂

  6. Being Brazen

    10 March

    something for ya on my blog 🙂

  7. Jaime

    10 March

    It's so exciting- I saw that Vogue article.

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