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Bold, electric colour

Bold, electric colour

I’m looking forward to the April edition of Livingetc, you can have a sneak peek at it here. One article in particular stands out for me, Electric Utility which is all about vivid colours put together with simple, functional design. As you probably know by now, I love colour. There’s nothing like a splash of bold colour to brighten up a room or to add some life to a tired space and to lift your mood, it always works for me. What do you think about colour? Is it a necessity or not?
Colour via Livingetc
Colour via Livingetc
Colour via Kas & Amanda Prior
Colour via Nikki Tibbles & Nicolas Matheus
Colour via Amanda Prior & Laura Resen
Colour via Paul Barbera

  1. kendalee

    23 March

    Absolutely and with no reservations – a necessity! I love calm and neutral but a little pop of colour can lift a scheme and my mood in an instant. These pictures (especially the last one) make me very happy!

  2. one sydney road

    23 March

    I'm with you- can't wait for the April issue (I was looking at it online the other day!) I just love the front cover with the orange chairs…I'm a big fan of pops of color…I'm trying to experiment more though and use bigger amounts of color…but I seem to always come back to neutrals!

  3. Lori

    25 March

    I think it's a necessity! I tend to decorate with neutrals and then add color to "pop" and then it always make it easier to switch out. But it's definitely a necessity in my house! I love color! I love that picture with the pink light and flowers. So pretty!

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