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Cycling fanatics

Cycling fanatics

If you live in Cape Town you’re sure to have spotted hundreds of cyclists on the road lately, the reason being is that this Sunday is the Argus Cycle Tour. 35 000 cyclists are due to ride this amazing scenic race around the Cape Peninsula.

I’ve put together some bicycle pics for you and as if the health benefits aren’t enough, don’t these fashionable cyclists make bike riding look fun? Obviously bike culture is way bigger in Europe than it is here and I still find it amazing that cyclists get on their bikes in rain and snow! I’m usually scared of a bit of wind! Just looking at these photos though is inspiration enough for me to get on my bike, it’s long overdue! How about you, are you a cycling fanatic or just a casual rider? I definitely fall into the second category, cycling for pleasure not as a sport.

So I have to work this Saturday but I’ll be out there watching the race on Sunday and shouting some support, nothing like some community spirit! What are your plans for the weekend? I hope you have fun, enjoy it!

bike new
Bike 1
Bike 2
Bike 3
Bike 4
Bike last
Image credits: 1 & 3) by me, 2, 5 & 10) Copenhagen Cycle Chic, 4 & 7) The New York Times, 6 & 8) Harpers Bazaar via Fashionising, 9) Amanda Pratt @ Kate Ryan Inc.

  1. Sarah Esther

    12 March

    What FUN pictures!!! I love these thanks for sharing!!

  2. My Owl Barn

    12 March

    It really makes me smile whenever I see a sweet looking guy handsomely dressed in a suit riding his bike to work. In my part of town, I see nicely dressed people riding on their bikes very often! It's fun!

  3. renee

    12 March

    Speaking of biking fanatics, that would be my husband. He is actually a cycling coach and trains a lot of folks who love to do triathlons and marathons. Then there is me – a leisurely Sunday ride is my speed. enjoy the race!

  4. Zara

    12 March

    Oh I so much love bicycle and use it almost daily except winter time:)for pleasure and by necessity. These images are very lovely, thank you! Happy Weekend!

  5. Jardino

    13 March

    Can you believe it? It's happening again! Last weekend (whilst running) we raced the cyclists up Suikerbossie… it was so much fun, that I am thinking of doing it again today!!

  6. Megan

    15 March

    Well done to all those who cycled!

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