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Mediterranean sunshine

Mediterranean sunshine

Hello friends, hope you all had a great weekend! I had a brilliant weekend but it was incredibly busy and am now dreaming of being on holiday, preferably on a stunning island, enjoying long walks on beaches, endless swimming in warm waters and sipping cocktails!

Aren’t you loving this gorgeous warm Mediterranean home? Casa Paola is on the island of Formentera and was photographed by the talented Jordi Canosa and styled by Daniela Cavestany. The bright whites and blues, as well as all the natural elements are so appealing. It looks so effortlessly stylish and totally relaxed and casual. I can just see myself relaxing on that patio and soaking up the sunshine.

Jordi Canosa 1
Jordi Canosa 2
Jordi Canosa 3
Jordi Canosa 4
Casa Paola Formentera 207

Formentera is the smallest, southern most island of the Illes Pitiüses group (which includes Ibiza) and belongs to Spain. After seeing these amazing views, it’s definitely on my travel wish list, don’t you agree?!

via terra opiniones

via terra opiniones

Last two images via Terra Opiniones


  1. Superficialgirl

    15 March

    Our med island is pretty cold at the moment.. Cant wait for summer to start!


    15 March

    mediterranean holiday 🙂 i will need one too after a busy weekend! i've always love the bright white and blue combination..the perfect holiday.

  3. Dee

    15 March

    all i can say is WOW! i would never leave…

  4. Juste

    15 March

    wow!!! i wish i could to stay at this place for the whole life:) Love the colours combination, looks fresh and perfect fits for the house by the ocean:)

  5. Megan

    15 March

    Please somebody take me there!! Looks amazing….

  6. aroundmytable

    15 March

    And there you have me dreaming! Wonderful place, great style, the colours!!!

  7. gail.k

    15 March

    Wow!!! Lets go there — looks stunning!

  8. Cherry Blossoms

    15 March

    Ibiza is a place my husband has always wanted to visit. These photos are lovely!

  9. Mi Vida Bonita

    15 March

    Oh me too please! What beautiful view and that hillside….my goodness

  10. Priscilla Joy

    15 March

    Love Formentera. Its so nice to relax there after a night on Ibiza. The best place to have a long relaxing lunch is at Juan and Andrea's. Such a nice place. A bit on the trendy side, by the plastic chairs and amazing dishes are what make this so special.

  11. Alaina @ Live Creating Yourself

    16 March

    In the words of Liz Lemon, I want to go to there. : )


  12. Lana

    16 March

    After hearing Priscilla's inside info, I'm really wishing I was there!:)

  13. Gaia

    17 March

    This is what I call Buen retiro! do you join me for a relazing weekend!?

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