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New series: Blogger wishlist

New series: Blogger wishlist

I’m very excited to tell you about a new weekly series starting today here on lanalou! It’s called Blogger wishlist and will be up every Wednesday. I will be featuring some amazing bloggers and what they are currently lusting after! I can’t wait to see all their fabulous choices, I’m sure we’re all going to be very tempted!
Starting off the series is Heather from Gathering spriggs who has a lovely vintage inspired design blog. Heather is an artist and designer from Nashville, Tennessee and is always featuring the most beautiful things on her blog. Anything from art to stylists to photographers to boutiques. So for some amazing visual inspiration, pop on over to Gathering spriggs!
Heather's wish list 2
These are the items on Heather’s wishlist…
1. A Vintage Floral Chandelier for her breakfast nook
2. Some coloured Masking Tape and a Wooden Tape Dispenser, I’m with you on this Heather!
4. Beautiful bouquets of ranunculas,
5. A Paper Parasol possibly as another lighting fixture cover
Thank you Heather, I love your choices!
Blogger wishlist- Lana

And these are the things I’m currently obsessing about…
1. Beautiful chiffon top from Vanessa Bruno Athé at Net-a-porter
2. Delicate Alex Monroe necklace at Net-a-porter, so pretty, must have!
3. A new digital Nikon camera
4. Steve Madden boots for winter, yes please
5. Kate Spade bag to replace my very worn out bag!
6. Vogue España to practise my Spanish

I hope you enjoyed this, more fabulous choices next Wednesday!

  1. askashe

    31 March

    LOVE this idea, will look forward to Wednesdays!

  2. Heather -Gathering Spriggs

    31 March

    Thanks Lana for the opportunity to be a part of your new series!! This was so fun and a brilliant idea!! Oh, and I would add a Nikon to my list too! Thanks for continuing to inspire me!

  3. ceo

    31 March

    Great Idea….. Loving the camera and the masking tape….

  4. kristi @ lovelyvelo

    31 March

    what a lovely idea, Gathering spriggs is such a pretty blog! Oh, and paper parasols for light coverings… absolutely!

  5. renee

    31 March

    After reading today's post, I now have MORE to lust after. I really love the Kate Spade purse, you must get it!

  6. Sandy a la Mode

    1 April

    i love these types of posts! so inspirational! i love the happy tape and key necklace!

  7. Kristi

    1 April

    Love wishlist. Now I have to add a couple things to mine. Thanks for sharing.


  8. one sydney road

    1 April

    I love the lists – I'm with both of you – I adore the masking tapes, so fun! And I think your key necklace just made my list :)!

  9. Brigitte

    1 April

    Love the series — and Heather's a great pick to lead it off.

  10. Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries

    1 April

    I want that camera too!!! The necklace is very pretty….

  11. gail.k

    2 April

    Brilliant idea!

  12. Ashley CF

    7 April

    Wow: spanish version of Vogue. Great idea! I'm always battling learning Spanish since my hubbs is from Puerto Rico (his family always is asking me how I'm doing with the language). I might give this a go 🙂 Thanks!!


  13. Gaia

    11 April

    I 've just sent you my list!

    Let me know when you publish it!Have a terrific week!

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