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Blogger Wishlist: Anne & Piper

Blogger Wishlist: Anne & Piper

It’s Wednesday again and time for two more fabulous Blogger wishlists! Today we have Anne from San Francisco, California and Piper from Cleveland, Ohio. I hope you’re enjoying this series as much as I am, I’m really having fun putting the posts together and getting to know some favourite bloggers a little better.
Anne from the city sage has one of the most lovely blogs around and I’m sure you’ll all agree. Anne is forever putting together beautiful fashion and interior collages and inspiration boards. I don’t know how she always manages to find such incredible images and inspiration, I am always in awe!
Blogger wishlist Anne
Over to Anne and what she’s wishing for…
1. Oliver Peoples Zooey Sunglasses: I have a serious sunglasses addiction, and these have been on my list for a while. They combine the retro appeal of the ubiquitous wayfarer with the glam factor of oversized shades. Plus they’re named for one of my most stylish girl crushes, Miss Zooey Deschanel!
2. A New Scent for Spring: With the change of seasons comes my desire to shake up my fragrance habits. Of course I still love my old favorites, but it would be fun to add a new player to the team! Contenders include Citron de Vigne and Cleopatra, though the front runner is Tom Ford’s Pure Musk. It reminds me of high school-in a good way!
3. The Colour Salmon: Not quite pink, not quite peach, salmon is my favourite hue this spring. It looks surprisingly sophisticated paired with unexpected partners like grey, jade or plum. This baubly bib necklace from designer/blogger Jess LC will do just fine!
4. Spring/Summer Boots: I never thought I’d be the type to wear boots with shorts, but then I met these babies from N.D.C. Made of the softest suede imaginable, they slouch at the ankle and would look killer with my rattiest denim cut-offs and a flowy silk blouse.

5. A Haircut: I’ve been wearing my hair long for several years now. Lately I’m feeling that itch for a fresh look. The tousled bobs sported by some of my fave leading ladies have me wondering: is a chop in my near future? I promise to share photos if I indeed take the plunge!

Thanks Anne! I’m also loving Jess LC jewellery at the moment! 
Our next blogger is Piper from one sydney road and no she isn’t Australian but you can read more about how she named her blog here! Piper is an aspiring boutique owner and so her blog is always full of great design finds and inspiring interviews. She has a really cool series going called Shake it up, every Friday she posts a new, fun idea to add spontaneity and creativity to one’s life and then on the Monday, she blogs about how it went. You should give it a try, it’s such fun!
Blogger wishlist Piper
Over to you, Piper…
1. This beautiful eucalyptus necklace from Abigail A. Percy as a reminder of our trip to Australia!! 
2. A set of these tea towels from studiopatrรณ      
3. This ferris wheel photo or anything else from Hey Zee’s shop
4. A spring-y tote from drika.b 
5. I’ve been searching flea markets for a round table like this that I can paint for my home office – no luck so far!

Thanks Piper, such gorgeous choices! Good luck with your table hunting, I love that design too.

Next week we’ll have wishlists from Italy and Michigan!


    14 April

    Great wish list! I can't wait to see mine ๐Ÿ™‚
    Have a lovely day!

  2. Alaina @ Live Creating Yourself

    14 April

    Ooo Ray Ban has a pair of sunglasses just like those Oliver Peoples that I want. Love the shape and the tortoise shell!

    And that ferris wheel picture on Piper's list is just beautiful.


  3. frauheuberg

    14 April

    Wow, how inspiring these two ladies…;)…Love your column…Thanks for your visit…;)…Have a great week and hugs…cheers…

  4. Kristi

    14 April

    What a fabulous and creative idea Lou! It's so great to get to know fellow bloggers better and to be introduced to new and pretty things. Love this! Have a lovely day my dear and thanks so much for stopping by. ?

  5. Kate @ {wit + delight}

    14 April

    Anne I think you'd look adorable with that short hair cut!

  6. one sydney road

    14 April

    I had so much fun compiling my "wish list"…thanks Lana!!

  7. Tiina

    14 April

    fabulous image on Hey Zee!
    have a sweet day ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Love and Stuff

    14 April

    Great Post!
    @Anne: Nothing beats a great haircut, and I'm a huge bob fan…

  9. lou

    15 April

    they made very beautiful choices. the spring tote is exactly what i am looking for these days. such a great color for the spring. yay. will check it out.
    and the idea of the wishlist is a fabulous read

  10. Jaime @ La vie...J'aime

    15 April

    Fun post idea! I read Anne's blog and adore it. Great summer boots ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Splendid Willlow

    16 April

    What a fun idea! You are a very creative lady, I must say!

    And I guess this is the only place where I need to do my shopping from now on.

    I need a new haircut myself (a Bob would be nice) and the white table and yellow tote can move in w. ne any time.

    ox, Mon

  12. sodapop

    19 April

    How inspiring this is. Great column-idea. I love it. Greets from caro

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