Blogger Wishlist: Federica & Renée

Blogger Wishlist: Federica & Renée

I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already and time for our Weekly Blogger Wishlist! Today we have Federica from Bologna in Italy and Renée from Michigan.

Federica has a charming blog called sweet as a candy where she blogs about all sorts of beautiful things from fashion and photography to baking, interiors and daily inspirations. Federica herself has such great style and this comes through in everything she posts about. I love seeing her own photos of life in Italy!

Wishlist Federica
Over to Federica…
1. On my wish list is the entire J Crew collection! I love their style and their clothes. Unfortunately they don’t ship to Italy… I’m still wondering why not. I could buy all their last spring collection!
2. On my wish list there is also a new lens for my Canon. I really would like a new macro lens. Photography is one of my passions and I would like to improve it. The one I wish I the Canon 50 mm f1.2.
3. I ‘m in love with Chanel. There’s something about a Chanel purse that you can’t explain. Sophistication and elegance of a very particular kind. Chanel 2.55 is The Bag. An icon. I am now drooling over a Chanel Jumbo 2.55 in Cream
4. I love flats! There is something so comfortable about wearing flats and I have several pairs of them but they’re not too much. Love them in every style and colour. On my wish list there are so many new pairs of them, like these from Porselli.
5. Chanel Le Vernis 505 Particuliere. It’s very difficult to find it! The 505 is a limited edition and I can’t wait for it. It’s the new must have beautifier for this spring! Absolutely.
Next up is Renée who has a beautiful blog called Musings. Renee is an incredibly talented artist and stationery designer and incorporates her own designs and illustrations into her blog which makes for a unique experience. We also often get glimpses into projects she is working on which I always love seeing. Besides this, she has a love for vintage fashion, photography, art, interior design and all things glamorous, so if this sounds like you, her blog is a must visit!

Renee's wishlist

Here are a few things that I am currently lusting after…
1. White Vanity Case from Aspinal of London
2. “The Gospel According to Coco Chanel” available from Anthropologie
3. Macaroons from Laduree in Paris
 4. Kate Spade Purse in Black
5. Flocked Wallpaper from Designers Guild ( bergmasque rose)

Thanks so much Federica and Renée, you’ve definitely got me craving for some cute ballet flats, macaroons and some serious French style!

Pop back next Wednesday for wishlists from Hawaii and Cape Town!


    21 April

    I had so much fun compiling my wish list! Thank you!

  2. Iona

    21 April

    Wow Italian women have so much style…: )

  3. The Closet Fashionista

    21 April

    Oh my! I am in love with that cream Chanel and that little white vanity case (adorable!)

    I am in total agreement with Frederica, JC Crew is exactly my ideal wardrobe…there is nothing in their current catalogue I would not want to own.

    Dear Gods of Fashion: you can keep your Chanel bag if I can just wake up one morning and the whole of the JC Crew line is in my wardrobe. Deal?

  4. ZAIRA

    21 April

    Federica has so much taste, a very Italian- fashion girl!!! I follow her blog and it was nice to see her list in this post!! xx Zaira

  5. Being Brazen

    21 April

    Love the first wishlist – cause I have been lusting after a Chanel bag since I learnt what Chanel was 🙂

  6. renee

    21 April

    Lana – Thank you so much for having me today, it was fun to put it all together.

  7. askashe

    21 April

    I LOVE these posts, thanks for compiling and sharing!

  8. Carrie

    21 April

    Thank you so much Renee for setting my morning scene with a dreamy wallpapered room, a gorgeous girly vanity and a blissful sweet treat all with which to sip my morning coffee! Love it~

    Of course the J.Crew closet is also a VERY big dreamy part of this scenario too 😉

  9. mar

    21 April

    Hola Lana, how nice to find your so great blog!!! So many inspiring images and interesting articles.
    I wish I coul come up right with the "humus" I`m making, it`s a process where red worms degradate the organic wastes.
    Greetings from Chile,
    Maria Cecilia

  10. Allison

    22 April

    What lovely finds Lana! Thank you for introducing me to Federica's gorgeous blog and I love anything from the fabulously talented Renee … xx

  11. one sydney road

    22 April

    i just adore this series – i love seeing what's on everyone's wish list!! Yes to J. Crew on Federica's list! I'm just loving what they're creating lately. And the flocked wallpaper on Renee's list is gorgeous

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