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Bright start

So did you have a lovely weekend? I certainly did! In fact I have the day off today and tomorrow is a Public holiday, so the weekend continues! Yes, definitely reason to be in a good mood! I thought I’d post some beautiful brights and florals to start the week off on a happy and positive note. Don’t you just love these tulips, absolutely gorgeous!
Elena 1
Philip Harvey
Anna Kern
Lana k & Chris Everard
Elena & Ulrika Ekblom
Toast & lana k
Image credits: 1 & 8) Elena of inspiration + photography, 2 & 3) Philip Harvey, 4 & 5) Anna Kern, 6 & 11) by me, 7) Chris Everard @ Sarah Kaye, 9) Ulrika Ekblom @ VOL, 10) Toast- Summer 2010


  1. coelho

    26 April

    thx so much for all your ct tips, been using your blog for some cool places to eat, down here from durban for the long weekend – having a great time!

  2. Marloes

    26 April

    Lovely photo's! Makes me itch for spring!

    I was wondering about the butterfly print in photo 4.. Have seen it around the blogosphere before and am totally in love with it! Anyone know where it's from?

  3. DustyLu

    26 April

    Beautiful images! Marvelous tulips! Thank you! Great start to a week~lulu

  4. Rachel Follett

    26 April

    Gorgoeus!! Loving all the colors. πŸ™‚

  5. Sarah Jane

    26 April

    such beautiful images! for some reason after the weekend i'm feeling lethargic and unrested! But these were so refreshing and pretty:) thank you.

  6. renee

    27 April

    Lovely pics as usual, a perfect way to begin the week.
    Enjoy your day off tomorrow!

  7. ceo

    27 April

    Lovely pics….. I adore the bottom flower pic….


  8. Elena

    27 April

    Oh Lana, thanks so much for including my shots with these gorgeous photos! ?

  9. Lana

    28 April

    Coelho- I hoped you enjoyed Cape Town!
    Marloes- Sorry, haven't seen that print anywhere else
    Elena- it's a pleasure, I love your photography!
    Thanks ladies!

  10. Megan

    28 April

    Such pretty photos! LOVE the tulips. Gorgeous

  11. Pretty Mommy

    28 April

    Heaven! What a happy mix πŸ™‚

  12. words-en-route

    30 April

    such voluptuous colours – happy to visit your blog on an obsessive daily basis again after my extended SA holiday!

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