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Cheerful illustrations by Pragya

Cheerful illustrations by Pragya

I have to admit one of the nicest things about blogging is getting emails from around the world from people wanting to connect and share. I recently got an email from Pragya telling me about her work and of course I wanted to share it with you as her illustrations are just so beautiful! I love that she uses such bright colours and that her designs are so simple and striking. My favourites are all her cheerful birds and her prints with the mini bunting, so cute!

Illustration by Pragya K
Illustration by Pragya K
Illustration by Pragya K
Illustration by Pragya K

I asked Pragya a few questions about herself and her work, I hope you enjoy getting to know her a bit better…

1. You have an unusual name, where does it come from? Are you originally from America?
I’m an Indian and my name Pragya is actually a Hindi word that means intellect.

2. Do you do your art full-time or is it a hobby?
I’m a Jewelry and  Design Management graduate who fell in love with illustration and decided to pursue it as a full time profession. And I’m loving every minute of it!

3. You feature a lot of birds in your art, any particular reason why?
Birds do everything that I wish I could (how I envy them for living my life!). Fly around, sing all day, day dream… I definitely was a sparrow in my past life πŸ™‚

4. Your prints are so colorful and happy, where do you find your inspiration?
My illustrations are often loosely based on my life, random incidents and far off dreams. It also helps when I’m  surrounded with colorful stuff.  The walls of my home studio are filled with all kinds of bright and cheerful art pieces, scraps of paper, found objects, cutouts, funny slogans and multitude of  things dangling from threads. I’m currently in love with unexpected things dangling/ suspended from walls or ceilings.

5. What is your favorite season?
I never really paid any attention to seasons until we moved to San Diego. Its a beautiful city but has no seasons! I have since started appreciating the beauty of the cyclic nature of the seasons. Spring minus the pollens is definitely my favorite.

6. Favorite thing to do on a weekend?
Sleep in till late and then head out for brunch.

7. And lastly, what makes you smile?
Silly jokes/ pranks, fog, puppies, snow , chocolate cake, bear hugs, swings,  smiling strangers, early morning dew, chirping, surprises and yellow.

Thanks so much Pragya! You can see more of Pragya’s work at her etsy shop or her blog, Artocrat.

  1. desi

    20 April

    i absolutely LOVE THESE!!!!


  2. Megan

    20 April

    Such pretty illustrations! Love all the bright colours!

  3. Sandy a la Mode

    20 April

    wow her work is STUNNING!! i love the prints and the bright colors!!!

  4. one sydney road

    20 April

    These are so pretty – the colors are just amazing!! I love that she said her illustrations are based loosely off of far off dreams…such a nice thought!

  5. Jaime @ La vie...J'aime

    21 April

    So cheerful! I love the one with the poppy.

  6. Iona

    21 April

    I think having a name that means intellect rocks! Thanks for the interesting Q&As!

  7. gail.k

    22 April

    Lovely to read about other "bloggers" on the Wednesday slot! Very interesting Q&A. Well done!

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