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Happy day

Yay, it’s my birthday today! Thank you so much for all the lovely messages I’ve got so far, they really have put a smile on my face and mean so much. I’m off to Franschhoek today with friends to enjoy a leisurely lunch at a wine farm. Sounds like a perfect day! These beautiful photos by Yvette Inufio are sure to brighten your day too! Enjoy…
Yvette Inuffio
Yvette Inufio
Yvette Inuffio

All images by Yvette Inufio


  1. Sandy a la Modeq

    11 April

    Happy Birthday!!! Have fun today!! These images sure do brighten up my day already! =)

  2. Milady Winter

    11 April

    Happy Birthday!

  3. Cherry Blossoms

    11 April

    Happy Birthday! Sounds like a fabulous day is in store for you!

  4. Blas

    11 April

    Happy Birthday!

    Now, take care of that "sweet tooth"

  5. gail.k

    11 April

    Happy happy birthday! May the year be as bright & gay as the pics!

  6. elena

    11 April

    Happy Birthday Lana! I hope it's been a fabulous day for you!:)

  7. Cupcake Couture

    11 April

    Happy Birthday dear Lana. Hope your lunch was just delish. x

  8. Angelia

    11 April

    Hope you birthday is a good one, another fun year coming.

  9. manvi @ mochatini

    12 April

    happy birthday! gorgeous inspiration from you for us on your birthday!
    thanks and hope you are having a great day.

  10. This Way to Joy

    12 April

    I hope you had a happy, happy day Lana! Thinking of you and hoping that you ended your day with a huge smile on your face! xo

  11. Elena

    12 April

    Happy Birthday Lana!!!

  12. Nicole Smith

    12 April

    happy birthday! and great group of photos!!!

  13. Splendid Willow

    12 April

    Happy birthday girlie – all the way from Seattle! I hope you were treated royally!

    Happy, happy!

    Ox Monika

  14. {Arianna Belle}

    12 April

    I LOVE Yvette's photography!

    Hope you had a great weekend!

    P.S. I left you a little something over on my blog today 🙂

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