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Life on a river

I spotted these photos and just had to share them with you, imagine living on this gorgeous houseboat? Josie Curran and her partner decided to escape from their busy lifestyle and move to this houseboat on the river Thames. Josie says, “It’s like being on holiday every day. We have an early-morning swim, and we eat the eggs that the ducks lay in our tomato patch – as long as our German pointer, Otter, doesn’t get to them first. And our friends use us as a weekend retreat if they can’t face the drive to Cornwall.” The boathouse is actually moored off an island and there are about forty similar homes forming a community.

Apart from being beautifully decorated, I love that their space is so spacious, one would never know that this was a boathouse! Doesn’t this look so appealing?

Houseboat charm

Images and quote via Times Online

  1. Georgianna

    10 April

    Wow, this does look idyllic! Happy Birthday weekend!

  2. gail.k

    11 April

    This is divine!!! Is it really all on a houseboat? So much better than a dreary apartment block!

  3. Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries

    11 April

    I have several friends living on houseboats in Amsterdam and Paris… I adore their hippie yuppie lifestyle! 🙂

  4. Megan

    12 April

    SO stunning!! Perfect weekend getaway!

  5. Iona

    16 April

    I had no idea a houseboat could be so spacious! Gorgeous.

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