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Happy Monday

Happy Monday to you all! Did you have a great weekend? I hope so! I had a very relaxing weekend which was very much in need. Well, I have to report that Soccer fever is running high and the excitement is building, just 11 days to go until the World Cup Soccer begins here in SA! There are soccer adverts on TV non-stop and on billboards everywhere, fans are wearing Soccer shirts, plus local supporters have started adorning their cars with South African flags. Just take a look at my sister’s car below! In fact I even spotted a Swiss and Italian flagged car this morning. It’s awesome to see everyone getting into the spirit.
To get us all in the mood, I’m going to be having a special South African week next week on my blog, featuring all things South African and a fabulous giveaway too, so be sure to stay tuned!
world cup


  1. Megan

    31 May

    Haha my car rocks! Best one out there πŸ™‚ Feel it, it is here!!

  2. Bandaloop

    31 May

    Love it! Ha, ha

  3. Anna Liesemeyer

    31 May

    Still celebrating the weekend! So nice to have a long one! I love that you pimped out your car! I do the same for my basketball team:)

  4. The Closet Fashionista

    31 May

    Was having this exact thought on the way to work this morning. Probably not unique for SA's at the moment, but I felt, well…I suppose, patriotic and in a bubblegum-warm fuzzy-rating-my-SA-flag-mirror-socks-kinda-way!

  5. SogniSorrisi

    31 May

    I can't wait for the World Cup! I don't know how great Italy's chances are but, either way, its always exciting time and great soccer to watch.

  6. Will @ Bright.Bazaar

    31 May

    Happy Monday to you too, Lana!

  7. Helena - A Diary of Lovely

    31 May

    sounds so exciting!! Can't wait!!

  8. Jardino

    31 May

    Go girl! Or rather… go SA πŸ˜‰

  9. Splendid Willow

    1 June

    Go sister! (:

    I can understand the excitement! I am from Sweden after – all where soccer is huge. All my kids are playing and I am one proud soccer Mon!

    Hope your week is off to a good start!

    A warm hug, Mon.

  10. lou

    1 June

    are you as excited about it as I am?!?! i LOVEEEE it and can't wait for the games to begin. i hope you'll have a good time over there in SA. last world cup was in germany and i totally enjoyed it. the joy and the happiness, all those people being united. it was incredible. i'm italian so i was double lucky πŸ™‚

  11. Elissa

    1 June

    I was watching World Cup features on ESPN all weekend. I'm not usually a huge soccer (I suppose most call it football!) fan, but it's hard to avoid all the excitement of the World Cup! Great car, btw.

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