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Mika Organic

Just had to share this lovely clothing range I discovered yesterday. Apart from the sweet designs, it’s totally organic and made from sustainable materials. To see more or just do some shopping visit Mika Organic. Love the first two designs, what do you think, which are your faves?
Mika Organic 1
Mika Organic 2
Mika Organic 3
Mika Organic 4
Mika Organic 5
All images via Mika Organic

  1. Jane Carlstrom aka Glorious Hats

    29 May

    Thanks for sharing this great find. The entire concept is fabulous. The butterfly with the antennae as strap really caught my attention.

  2. The Design Dish

    29 May

    I love how nature inspired it is but still totally chic!
    Thanks for sharing!
    The Design Dish

  3. Black Zebra

    29 May

    the butterfly top is calling my name…..

  4. Helena - A Diary of Lovely

    29 May

    ooh how sweet! the butterfly top is amazing!!

  5. Jess

    29 May

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the butterfly top. unfortunately, $220 is much too much for my shallow pockets.

  6. walrus studio

    30 May

    The whale fin is interesting. I love the birch trees and the butterfly!!

  7. Lana

    30 May

    Looks like the butterfly top is definitely the winner but it is also a bit pricey for me!

  8. Megan

    31 May

    SO stunning! I want the butterfly top!

  9. Tiina

    1 June

    fabulous designs!

  10. C

    2 June

    that butterfly top is amazing!

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