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Blogger Wishlist: Jeanette & Julia

Blogger Wishlist: Jeanette & Julia

It’s Wednesday again and time for two more Blogger Wishlists, we have Jeanette from Norway and Julia from New England, USA. Apart from sharing a great taste in design they also both seem to have a weakness for macaroons, but then again who doesn’t, they’re my favourites too!

Jeanette is incredibly talented and creative and her blog, FRYD + DESIGN is always full of her beautiful photos and that stylish Scandinavian design sense. Jeanette also has her own shop and has just published her first online magazine which is an absolute must read. I don’t know how Jeanette manages to get so much done, I am continually impressed and inspired by her!

Fryd + Design wishlist
Over to you Jeanette…
I love every thing about this table from House Doctor.
The colors, the wood, the miss-match.

My dream would be
To sit here

Having a good time with my friends
Eating macaroons from Paris

Feeling lovely
In a yellow dress from ChloΓ©
With sweet Hasbeens on my feet
And a wonderful bag from Toast by my side

At this moment, my wishlist
{ L O V E }

Thank you Jeanette, I wish I could be sitting there with you today too!
Our second wishlist today comes from Julia of The Design Dish. Her blog is full of gorgeous decor, fashion and design inspiration and you won’t believe it but Julia is still in high school, pretty amazing! I have to admit I’m secretly glad blogs weren’t around when I was in high school or I can imagine I wouldn’t have got any studying done! Pop over for plenty of fabulous finds!

The Design Dish wishlist
Over to Julia and what she’s dreaming of…
1. Bouquets of pink peonies in every room.
2. I never seem to get sick of macaroons no matter how many I have! I’ve even resorted to baking them myself just to have more- delicious!
3. Recently discovered the great shades from Nars nail polish and have been longing to have them ever since.
4. Fenton-Fallon jewelry for J.Crew is the perfect mix of edgy, cool and glitzy, the necklaces are my favorites.
5. I would love to have an all expenses paid trip to Paris, I went there when I was young and would love to revisit now that I am a little older and my French is better : )
6. These Sam Edelman Clive flats in orange or yellow have been a favorite for a while. They are a great summer accompaniment, love the cutouts!

Thanks so much Julia! Paris, macaroons, peonies… a girl after my own heart!
I hope you enjoyed these wishlists, I think they’re two of my favourites so far!

  1. Will @ Bright.Bazaar

    23 June

    I'm with Jeanette…that dining area is so fun and colourful. Nice lists.

  2. Helena - A Diary of Lovely

    23 June

    12 more thing to add to my wishlist, fab!!!

  3. The Design Dish

    23 June

    The wishlist looks fantastic! Thanks!
    Julia from The Design Dish

  4. Stacey

    23 June

    Lovely blogs and love their lists.

  5. Cara

    23 June

    Paris + Macaroons are totally on my current wish list too!
    <3 Cara
    PS. Come enter my fabulous giveaway!

  6. Jaime @ La vie...J'aime

    23 June

    OK both of these bloggers have macaroons! I cannot believe I haven't EVER had one… I must, and soon! πŸ™‚

  7. Lana

    23 June

    Jaime, yes, you must! Apart from looking oh so pretty, macaroons are just delicious!!;)

  8. travelingmama

    23 June

    Ok, first of all, I ADORE this post! These ladies are completely amazing and they have such gorgeous style! I actually looked to find out if that table is available because I might need to buy one when we get settled. The one in the catalog looks a lot less "distressed" but I'm sure my three kids could fix that! It would always make a wonderful work table too!

    Oh, and for Jaime, I seriously think a trip to Paris is in order! Laduree has the best macaroons I have EVER tasted, but it's probably a good thing that they are a plane ride away!

  9. vicki

    23 June

    Beautiful post! It's so fun learning about all these talented and inspiring ladies. Thanks, Lana. πŸ™‚

  10. Sandy a la Mode

    24 June

    awww i LOVE this post and that yellow dress!! soo inspiring lana!

  11. elena

    24 June

    Pink peonies are definitely on my wishlist! I wanted them for my upcoming wedding soooo badly, but unfortunately they are not in bloom in October! πŸ™ Our summers in the bay area aren't of the norm!

  12. one sydney road

    25 June

    Yet another great wish list post – these are getting dangerous for me – I always find things I would love!! the macaroons on both lists…yum! and the table on jeanette's is so lovely – wow! Oh and yes to the Nars nail polish on Julia's list!!!

  13. Tiina

    27 June

    lovely wish lists as always!

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