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Greyton Tree House

Greyton Tree House

Last weekend we went to Greyton and stayed in an amazing tree house. As promised here are some photos of the cottage which was tucked up in a large Oak tree. A stunning four poster bed, cosy country decor, an outdoor shower on a little balcony and huge bathtub with views of the mountains and trees. Totally magical. The perfect place for a romantic weekend getaway. I’ll share some pics of the Greyton tomorrow. So what do you think? Tree house fan or not? I definitely am!
Greyton Tree House
Greyton Tree House
Greyton Tree House
Greyton Tree House Greyton Tree House
Greyton Tree House
Greyton Tree House
Photography: Lana Kenney


  1. Genevieve

    14 June

    WOW, gorgeous! I'm completely green with envy. πŸ™‚

  2. samsung8

    14 June

    This looks divine! Always wanted to visit Greyton, but I might leave this for the summer to take full advantage of that gorgeous outdoor shower. Did you go recently? Loves it πŸ™‚

  3. Kate/MagnoliaRouge

    14 June

    Looks like a whole lot of fun to me!!

  4. Sarade

    14 June

    What a positively lovely place to relax!

  5. country girl

    14 June

    Oh my goodness, how wonderful!

  6. Splendid Willow

    14 June

    Lana, what a fun experience! And I would have been the first to book it, had it just been a little closer to Seattle.

    My husband is a rock climber (hobby) so he would have loved me extra for thinking out of the box!

    Happy new week to you my friend.


  7. Kristin

    14 June

    Wow, how gorgeous is that?? It must be so magical in the evening!

  8. RamblingTart

    14 June

    Oh how fantastic!!! I love it so much. πŸ™‚ Yes, I'm a treehouse lover. πŸ™‚

  9. {Marianna}

    14 June

    WOW! I love the bath *___*

  10. define1lady

    14 June

    Ooooh… what a beautiful tree house! The bath tub is my favorite. Thanks for sharing this.

  11. Catherine

    14 June

    I'd better make sure my kids don't see this otherwise they'll be a mutiny as there's is a platform with a canopy. Good view though.

  12. Kris

    15 June

    I could definitely live here!

  13. Lana

    15 June

    Hi Sam, yes, we stayed there about 2 weekends ago, it was such fun!

  14. Megan

    15 June

    Its so beautiful! The view from the bath! Simply divine πŸ™‚

  15. cape fiction

    15 June

    Amazing! Have to go there!

  16. gail.k

    16 June

    That certainly is a luxury tree-house. Love the outside shower & the cosiness of it all — a 4 poster in a tree house? Amazing! Definitely on the list of "must do"!!

  17. kristi @ lovelyvelo

    16 June

    Are you kidding?! That is absolutely amazing. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  18. Georgianna

    19 June

    THIS is incredible! What a place! Now my hubby is looking around at our trees and seeing what he can come up with! xo

  19. Xandra Smit

    4 November

    My daughter and I stayed in Anna Elisabetini’s lavender cottage. She showed
    us the tree house, and I hope it is still available for one or two nights, between 18 and 27 December 2013? I struggle to find where I can book on the website. Regards, Xandra Smit


  20. Inge

    7 August

    Hi there

    Is the tree house available 22 to 24 August 2014.



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