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Neville Lockhart photography

Neville Lockhart photography

As I’m sure you know by now, I love decor, food and photography. What can be better than when all three are combined perfectly. Neville Lockhart is a Cape Town photographer who manages to tick all of these boxes and looking at his photography is heaven. I spotted Neville’s work over at Kim Gray’s blog and promptly popped over to check out his portfolio and facebook page. Of course he doesn’t only specialise in food photography but these pics really caught my eye…
Neville Lockhart
Neville Lockhart
Neville Lockhart
Neville Lockhart
Neville Lockhart
Neville Lockhart
I asked Neville for a little inside info…
Favourite South African dish? 
Karoo Lamb Shank on a bed of Rosemary Mash Potato and roasted Vegetables.
Favourite place in Cape Town for a lazy Sunday lunch? 
What’s a Lazy Sunday Lunch? I haven’t had one in 5 years thanks to our wonderful boys. But a nice breakfast at Montebello in Newlands will do.
Your top tip for photographing food? 
Never eat the props until they are shot!
Do you get to eat the food you’ve photographed? Or have you normally lost your appetite by the time the shoot’s over? 
Most of the time, we do get to eat, or rather, taste the food we’re shooing. I’ve definitely lost my appetite on a shoot when photographing Afval, (especially when its a sheep’s head looking back at you and smiling hence the name, Smiley)
What is the one “must visit place” for a first time visitor to Cape Town? 
I’d have to say, Cape Town. This is a wonderful city of differences. Cape town can only be experienced as a whole and not just one place.
Thanks so much Neville, I definitely agree with you on the Karoo lamb shank and thanks for the reminder about Montebello, I haven’t been there in ages!
All photography by Neville Lockhart

  1. country girl

    9 June

    Such wonderful photography, thank you for sharing!

  2. Will @ Bright.Bazaar

    9 June

    You had me at decor, food and photography. LOVE THESE!

  3. Megan

    9 June

    Oh my word, everything looks delicious!! Gorgeous images…

  4. Stacey

    9 June

    Wonderful photos, and everything looks so yummy! Thanks for sharing.


    9 June

    Wow these photos are spectacular! And now I'm very hungry 🙂

  6. frauheuberg

    9 June

    hello lana,
    thanks for jump over by our blog…so fine to hear you…;)…sometimes its so hard to visit all the lovley blogs i have met in the BYW-class…but yours is a favorite of mine…also i never visit regulary your site, its always so cozy and fresh here…love your new blogheader…great…;)…so have a great time with the FIFA world cup games and we stay in contact…cheers and hugs…

    p.s.really amazing photography…love her work very much…now i

  7. katrina

    9 June

    the flaky dessert oozing with chocolate sauce? i gained a pound just looking at it… mmmmm…

    his work is fantastic. thanks for the heads up!

  8. Luna and Chloe

    10 June

    Beautiful photography! All of a sudden I am hungry 🙂


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