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René Twigge

I love discovering new local artists especially when their work really appeals to me. Réne Twigge is a Capetonian artist who creates the most amazing, vibrant and bold digital artworks. René’s abstract pieces are full of life and colour. I can just imagine one of these being used as a statement piece, bringing a splash of colour into a contemporary home. Mmm which one to choose though?…

Rene Twigge
(All images via Rene Twigge)

I asked René to share a little about herself…
Describe your personal style in a few words…
Fashion wise I used to be quite glamorous, but that changed drastically since becoming a mom.  My style is more toned down now, probably for the better, with comfort being crucial – ready to make a run for it when my 3yr old boy decides to just take off from me in public.  In décor I prefer eccentric interiors with unique pieces, collected over a period of time, grouped together.  I love splashes of bright colours here and there, as long as it’s not overdone.

Where do you find inspiration?

I’m inspired by the forms, textures and colours of plants during the various stages of growth and deterioration as well as the visual and light effects created digitally for animated and 3D movies.  The integration of these opposites, organic and digital, is a subject matter that I will continue to explore.

Is your house as colourful as your work?

Our house has bold, brightly coloured art against off-white walls that contrasts with patterned fabrics, wooden furniture and a mixture of ornaments and succulents. The décor changes constantly, mostly to ‘cater’ for bouncy toddler play dates.
(Images credits: Kirstenbosch via South African Tourism, Tracy Payne via Michael Stevenson)

What other South African artist’s work do you admire?
I have a keen interest in South African art, so there are many, but if I have to name one it’s Tracy Payne.  I first saw her large hexagon shaped oil on canvas paintings at a 2005 exhibition. I was in awe of the paintings she produced at the time – abstract, but with photographic precision, layered with washes and drips.  I’ve been an admirer of her work since then.
Favourite place to go for dinner in Cape Town?
The Duchess of Wisbeach in Sea Point.  Eclectic décor, energetic vibe and tasty food.   
What is the one “must visit place” for a first time visitor to Cape Town?

Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden.  For the adventurous and fit, stroll through the gardens, then hike up Skeleton Gorge and down Nursery Ravine to return to the garden.  Otherwise go there for a lazy picnic or to watch a concert. 

Thanks for sharing with us, René, The Duchess is definitely on my list of places to go and your home sounds amazing- patterned fabrics, colourful art and wooden furniture, just my style!


  1. Georgianna

    12 June

    Wow, Lana! Her Rene's work is stunning! Thank you so much for sharing. Hope your weekend is going well. xo

  2. The Design Dish

    12 June

    this is so cool! Thanks for sharing!
    The Design Dish

  3. Liz

    13 June

    seriously these are stunning.

    hope you are having a whirl of fun at the world cup fever.

    oxox ^-^

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